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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Been blogging six years today.

This is my fifth URL. Clean slate. Fake name.

I recently decided not to get my first tattoo.

I have amazingly accomplished friends.

Neither of my parents ever met their fathers. The one died in a fire in Alaska, the other was from Albania.

I'm trying to figure out how to write about sorrow without being precious.

Now, tell me something about yourself I never would guess. The horribler, the better.


Anonymous said...

My housemate's car is here but he's not. Truly my first thought was to check the front seat to see if he was dead there. Not until around the eighth thought did "public transportation" occur to me.

Derora Noo said...

I know you've got more horrible to share, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

The guy that lives above me hasn't taken his trash out to the curb on trash day for the second week in a row. He generates A LOT of trash (beer bottles, pizza boxes...) I have been seething about it for two weeks. So, this weekend he had a noisy party and while in the past I've just put ear plugs in and let it ride...this weekend I called the cops and they came. Take your trash out you dirty bastard!

derora noo said...

You must be really really old.


Anonymous said...

OK, this lady was being a bitch to me at a hockey game, standing so I couldn't see (really: she'd turn around and go "how do you like THAT?") etc., because she was for the home team and I had traveled many miles to see my team visit hers and she just could not believe that she had to deal with a [redacted] fan in the seat behind her. By the third period when I realized that my money and travel time had been spent largely on this battle I said the hell with it, and while she was standing to block me, again, poured my red wine all over her seat and watched with joy as she sat back down in it in her camel hair coat.
That's pretty horrible, right?

derora noo said...


I wonder what you'd've done if'n she'd've taunted you with a giant foam finger.