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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


#1: Listening to someone chew an entire bowl of cereal with their mouth open is profoundly irritating.

#2: So late yesterday someone landed a zinger that send me reeling. It only happens a few times a year now, as I've learned all sorts of ways of managing this relationship. There's no point being on guard, because the missiles that get through are so strategic, they would shatter any defensive border I could erect anyway, and who wants to walk around being paranoid.

I was up very late, tending to my hurt, when I realized, at 3:24am, that my life is pretty damn great. I'm living and working in the city I've always wanted to be in, and I have a small career as a writer of Things.

This someone can't touch that.


Anonymous said...

I'm having a lot of regression problems myself lately. Maybe it's the change of season.

Any way me and the Mister love you and can't wait to see you in our fair city.

derora noo said...

Why can't we just be blissfully unaware of all the b.s.?

Love you guys. See you soon!