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Friday, October 24, 2008

Frosted shiksa.

My Albanian granddad, whom I never met, gave me my dark hair and eyes. Used to be, people would assume I was Jewish or Italian or both.*

I was like a pale ethnic schwa.

Well, last week I had an unfortunate encounter with highlights, and people now assume I've had children.

Sometimes we compare choices that are wise against those that, in retrospect, are foolish.

This ill-advised decision stemmed from NOT wanting to look like every other "serious" East Coast female theater artist, with dark, messy-banged hair and chunked-out eyeglasses. I was all, I want to be an individual. I'll be the playwright people have to take seriously despite her sloppy American blondeness and boobage.

I even wore a floral skirt the other day. If you know me, can you even picture it? NO.

All I want is a box of dark dark hair dye. Stat.

Of course I got my lanyarded plastinated magnetized work ID today, complete with a photo of my expensive mistake. Sigh. At least I look like I have a black eye in the pic. Yeah, 'cause I'm a badass ninja cube-rat.

*That I worked at a synagogue and speak Italian supported these assumptions.


Anonymous said...

so what your telling me is the blonde chunky highlights I'm contemplating is a bad decision?

derora noo said...

Now, I did not call YOU a pale ethnic schwa. But yes. Yes indeed, if you are a theatre artist in the Northeast US, you must never ever get blonde highlights if you want your work to be any good at all.

Anonymous said...

Good thing I'm in the South and just a cube rat that writes SAS code, I'll add a little funk to the office.

derora noo said...

Yes indeed, the rules are different in the South and the West Coast.