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Friday, October 31, 2008

BAGEL SIGHTING: Halloween Is for Whorey Outfits

After I finished working for the peacock today, I saw yet another mediocre play--my second this week.

Went through Times Square to get there. Forgot it was Halloween. Tits and ass galore. Swaggering packs of boys hissing boozy lewdness. In a few hours all the cool kids'll be having some form of sex they'll regret. Then they'll puke. Then they'll wake up and be all, "So." "So." "Coffee?" "Sure," while the renegade sperm beelines for the egg.

Ah, love.

At the theatre, I was like, "Is that someone dressed up like Fred Armisen?" Then I was all, "IS that Fred Armisen?"*

It was Ben Brantley. In the flesh. In the costume of a scary theater critic.

My 14th day in the city, and my first celebrity sighting is Ben Brantley.

I also saw my first rat.

*I adore Fred Armisen.


Anonymous said...

But that's so cool! Maybe he'll call it "mediocre" too! The show, not the costumed sex.

derora noo said...