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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stranger on A Train

You make friends.

Tonight I was supposed to go to Waverly Inn, but my pal is stuck on assignment in DC. I really don't mind because yesterday I ran into a giant wall of tired.

One week in NY and the YES keeps growing in my belly. Still, it hasn't been easy--having to move my stuff in a series of road trips in an SUV because, while I know a lot of people in NY, they're all either pregnant or have bad backs and so I am unloading all my crapola alone. With the flu. Slept very little this week thanks to the rug I bought for my nap-cubby; the off-gasses were making my nose bleed/sore throat/stomach-ache so I rolled it up in garbage bags and will have to return it.

Bitch bitch bitch.

I dig my new job--my boss buys me venti iced chai and shares insider NY scoopage. (Still no celebrity sighting--they must have a special door. Guards everywhere.) I succeeded with the wardrobe and hair corrections (posts below). Got to know my roommate a little. Cooked some pasta. Grocery shopped. Rearranged my room. All lovely. And this weekend I get to sleeeeeeeeeep.

And I made my first random subway friend! He was on his way to a comedy audition. He actually made me laugh out loud on the silent, sleepy train. It was nice to know I'm not the only friendly one in this machine of a city.

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