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Thursday, October 30, 2008

THURSDAY SLICE: Very Berry Potpourri Edition

Slice of pie: Yummy gummy pecan grabbed from the bakery on the way home.

"Slice of Life" aka Naturalism: All the little things that don't make up full blog posts by themselves.

Pi: Goes on forever.

See? How it is, is pie works on many levels. 'Cause that's how pie rolls. Sideways.

1) All my female friends in NY are pregnant. Okay, only two, but that's like a lot. Both are having boys, and one is having twins. I'm fascinated, but I know there's nothing I can do.

2) There was an accordion player in the subway this morning. For a moment it made the stench of urine go away. Still, I did not tip him.

3) I downsized the jeans I bought in Harlem. I could be wrong, but I think my Manhattan Ass is beginning to reveal itself. It's called "Lift" and "Separate," people, lift and separate.

4) This pie is good. A little on the sweet side.

5) 90-Day Goals: two spec scripts and one short story. The former for money, the latter for fun.

6) I can't vote. Stayed with friends in CT while I looked for a NYC job and home. Didn't know how long it'd take, so I registered in CT. Moved to NY 13 days ago, too late to register in NY. Can't get back to CT Tuesday for less than $150, involving trains and long cab-rides. F*ck me hard without taking my pants off.

7) Dreamt I killed a strange white man twice by shooting him in bed. In his big brown left eye.

8) I am seeing very few men on the subway or street I would screw.

9) The network where I Ninja-Temp broadcasts a show Saturday nights at 11:30pm. The floor I work on is right above that floor, and there's a little glass balcony where you can look down over the studio. Today was the day they were rehearsing, so I wandered over three times to peek. It was always just crew.

10) The majority of the people I work with are in India. I IM them all day and they ignore me. Happy Diwali.

11) Saw a reading of The Cenci by Shelley on Monday night. Incest and murder--yum.

12) Saw Crawl, Fade to White last night.

13) Seeing Mouth to Mouth Friday night. High expectations.

14) Am not doing Halloween this year, unless you count hanging out with my Black cat. Whom I can't vote for on Tuesday.

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