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Monday, November 10, 2008


Because I still have no paycheck, I cannot think of anything clever to tell you.

But I shall try.

I ate an entire pound of hummus. With carrots. And with my fingers, when I ran out of carrots.

Did I tell you I saw Michael Weller's "Fifty Words" at MCC? Barring the subject matter (white married couple arguing--yawn) it was great acting and direction, and I loved the shape of the dialogue.

Finally I saw something that was inspiring and technically thrilling.

I also saw a reading at Ensemble Studio Theater and another one at New York Theater Workshop. Both plays were fine but not quite my cup of tea. It's just great to start to see these fabled theaters up close. Going to The Public tomorrow.

(Note to self: Learn which theaters spell their names "re" and which spell them "er.")

And I just found out I'm going to see "Blasted" with one of my favoritest people on the planet and her lovely spouse, who is also one of my favoritest people.

Life can be damn good even when you're broke as fuck.

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