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Saturday, November 8, 2008

American Sux-press

So last Monday, I couldn't enter my hours through the in-house payroll agency for my work the week of October 27.

After five days and nine emails, I was told there would be a manual check cut and ready for me on Friday (yesterday).

There was not.

Then I was told that it had gone in via direct deposit.

It had not.

Then I was told that it would go in via direct deposit on Saturday.

It did not.

AND, now I cannot enter my hours for my work the week of November 3, which is the same reason the problem above started.


I double-check my trusty American Express account, which I have been relying on through this move, figuring at least I've got that as backup until this gets straightened out. I have been a card member for 18 years. I have never had a late payment. My available credit is $3,000.

Not anymore. Due to the economy, they down-sized my credit limit to $2,000 without telling me.

So I call American Express.

And what do they tell me? They tell me the $150 check I wrote Kermit last week for helping me move bounced like a fat man on a trampoline. Because it would have put me $24--TWENTY-FOUR WHOLE DOLLARS--over my newly lowered limit.


Did I mention I've never had a late payment in 18 years?

I hate American Express. And I hope they have a Google alert for "I hate American Express" that brings them here so they can read this and be ashamed of their ridiculous, short-sighted, panicky-ass selves.

And just for good measure, "American Express sucks."

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