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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have loveliness to share...

...but right now I have to find my way to the Target in the Bronx.

For now, my roommate--who I kid you not was VERY upset that I cleaned the roach crud off the kitchen counter, like I mean so upset that she raised her voice and said I was aggressive and so now I'm all kinds of skrrt to clean the tub (which of course I'm dying to do)--sent me a nice card thanking me for taking care of her cat.

I think maybe she's high-strung, but means well. As I've been saying, she's not crazy and she pays her bills on time, which is GOLD in a NYC roommate. I am convinced good will on both our parts will prevail.

Anyway, I have the apartment to myself for the next few weeks, as she's out of town working on shows.


Doorstep said...

Your a good roommate. I'd kill her if it were me.

derora noo said...

Oh I'm still on that waitlist for artist housing in the city, believe you me.