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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I'm doing technical writing in my ninja temp job.

I do not like it, Sam I am.

It'd be different if the writing were somehow creative, but it's using up all my writing juice and disrupting my rhythm, my Charlie Brown Christmas rhythm of the four-fingered hands moving back and forth to decorate the dog house. For Reals, yo.

I do however, like Juice Beauty. All organic products and my skin has never looked better in six short days.

And I like peppermint hot chocolate. Twice in one weekend I like it I like it yes yes I do.

I took a private Pilates lesson today that spanked me hard. I fully expect to be unable to walk tomorrow. And Tuesday. And possibly Thursday.

Looking forward to my boss (aka The Olympian*) coming back from Japan tomorrow, so he can tell me how badly I'm screwing up this technical writing thing. (I'm writing a Console Administration User Manual for Social Tools linked to Domain Sites. You heard me.) I am doing a half-assed job not out of laziness, but because I have only half a clue.

I do not like sucking.

OH! A friend from DC was in town Friday so I hung out with her and her Sig-O. And I had a loverly two-hour-plus convo with another friend last night.

One of the best things about moving is that you hold on to the people who mean the most.

Today is the 10th of 10 days working from home. Looking forward to a giant salad tomorrow. Romaine, grilled chicken, black olives, corn, peas, cheddah, and a tangy anchovy chipotle dressing. $8. My main meal of the day, Monday through Friday.

Eight, including a mother and baby. Mom chased off another rat that was in their way. By far the most rats I see are in Columbus Circle.

Why is Coldplay so damn catchy? (Rhetorical.)

*Seriously. An Olympian. Who is an epicure. Who sews his own clothes. Who is dating a burlesque dancer. She who happens to work with spies.

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