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Thursday, November 6, 2008

THURSDAY SLICE: The Oatmeal Edition

Wednesday didn't really exist.

Did you know that?

Well I'm a-telling you it's true.

Flirty-flirt, flirty-flirt, flirty-flirt flirt.

Digging the jay-oh-bee. I get to say these kinds of things: "I need an emergency ccp for ticket number 5687122 because they need to extend the change control window to complete the database index drops they couldn't finish offshore last night." I try to inflect my delivery with a Mametian sort of patter.

Then my boss buys me ice cream. Or an ice-cold chai. Or a salad. With peas.

It's great.

He literally said, "If you ever wake up with a hangover, just work from home."

Got comps for 50 WORDS on Saturday. Can't wait. I'm hoping it's going to be the first piece of NY theatre that really blows me away.

Oh yeah, and I'm stoked about our new Democratic regime. Totally turned on.

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