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Thursday, December 18, 2008

THURSDAY SLICE: How I earn my coin.

This is a transcript of an actual chat. Names of people and of databases have been changed to protect the Peacock and to make the story better. Note: the name APATHY stands for someone whose name actually has the word Apathy in it.

SHREK: apathy
SHREK: Derora is there pls ask your doubt
APATHY: Derora
Derora Noo: this is about ticket 1681686?
Derora Noo: maybe we should bring PAUL BUNYAN in? he requested it

SHREK: sure
Derora Noo: ok. hang on
APATHY: This is done by BLAGOJEVICH from Offshore team
APATHY: if you check the notes you come to know
Derora Noo: PAUL BUNYAN will join us
Derora Noo: first, are you saying that because BLAGOJEVICH wrote the note saying it was done that it is done?
Derora Noo: is that what you are confused about?
SHREK: PAUL BUNYAN are u there
Derora Noo: i invited him and he said he'd join
Derora Noo: but back to APATHY's question...
Derora Noo: are you saying that because BLAGOJEVICH put a note in saying that the work was done that it is your belief that the work was done?
APATHY: Derora
APATHY: did u checked
APATHY: This is the ticket 1681686
APATHY: when where 1681686 raised, ITCO contact DBA and asked them to execute immediately
Derora Noo: SHREK, could you please invite PAUL BUNYAN into the chat? i've invited him 3 times but it's not working and maybe it has to be you who invites him
APATHY: Pls check with you team
APATHY: whether it was done or not
Derora Noo: APATHY, i'm sorry but i'm having a hard time understanding you.
Derora Noo: if you are asking whether or not the work was done, it was not done
Derora Noo: it clearly was not done
Derora Noo: many many emails are going around saying there are problems and it was not done
APATHY: it means request was not done
APATHY: let me chk
Derora Noo: if you are doubting this because BLAGOJEVICH wrote a note in 1681686 saying it was done, let me tell you it was not done
Derora Noo: absolutely and without a doubt
Derora Noo: he did the GR and i guess he thought he did the CCP
Derora Noo: but he did not.
APATHY: ok then let me chk
APATHY: This is the only request 1681686
Derora Noo: this is one of the emails i got outlining the problems: "I don't see the changes from 1681686 as requested. This ticket is NOT completed."
Derora Noo: yes. that is the only request we are talking about
Derora Noo: also, PAUL BUNYAN said the wrong log was attached to the CCP
Derora Noo: so you see there are many problems and reasons why this is not done

APATHY: I am checking the request
APATHY: give me 2 min
APATHY: This the only request #1681686
Derora Noo: yes
Derora Noo: if you need further info on the ticket, please ping PAUL BUNYAN.
Derora Noo: ok?

APATHY: can u pls invite PAUL BUNYAN
APATHY: into this chat
Derora Noo: i have invited him 3 times and it's not working. i think SHREK has to invite him
Derora Noo: i just pinged SHREK
Derora Noo: SHREK is inviting PAUL BUNYAN

SHREK: i did
PAUL BUNYAN entered the room.
Derora Noo: hi PAUL BUNYAN
Derora Noo: APATHY has questions about 1681686

And so on and so on and so on and so on until it finally stopped three hours later.

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