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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I just have to say this.

Hendrik Hertzberg is a boor. All through the primaries, week after week, he sounded like a Mama Duck hovering over Baby 'Bama's run for office, ridiculing opponents and swatting away any legitimate criticism of Obama. Perhaps he sensed that were he to parse apart such criticisms carefully, such consideration would take the shine off of his giddy man-crush. He would have done much to bring me around if he had taken fellow liberals' issues with Obama seriously, instead of writing preemptive strikes like this that aren't even funny.

He just takes it all so personally and tries to be cute about it. Which, if I were drinking the 'Bama Slama Kool-Aid like so many others, I probably would think is awesome.

It's unseemly.

Obama is a politician. A good one. With a fucking mess on his hands. He is human. He will err. There will be disappointment.

Right now I'm disappointed Clinton is going to be Secretary of State. It's like giving up. That woman is a policy wonk through and through, which is why I wanted her in the White House. And if she's not at 1600 PA, I want her in the Senate, drafting legislation, not having photo-op teas.

I hope the cost of selling her soul was that it will absolve her campaign debt.

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