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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quick like a bunny.

The Roach-Loving Pantsless Wonder took the news that I'm moving out next week exceedingly well. Despite how ill-matched we are, she's a very decent person. She's just different than you and I. A mutual friend described her as a bull in a china shop, but then he also said she's terrified of bugs, so...

Um, I have an assload of packing to do.

Went to the Zipper Factory tonight, then out for a lengthy discussion about rats over Korean fare, then munched peanut M&Ms on the way home while missing seeing a friend on SNL tonight.

Did I tell you I saw a rat hopping up the stairs at the Columbus Circle station? We were all rooting for it as it threaded its way between the feet of oblivious commuters.

I fucking love New York.

My local pizza parlor man said, "Hello beautiful lady," when I walked in for my slice today. He's kind of hot. And intimidating. In an older, close-cropped hair, thickly accented, slightly perspiring, no-nonsense kind of way. He's always flapping pizzas and cartons and bags and coinage and phones around at once while he says, "Go?" which means, Is this to go? but of course it takes me a second so then he's all, "Stay? Go?" and I'm like, "Oh, to go, please."

Today I stayed.

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