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Wednesday, December 17, 2008



1) I'm mildly crushing on this Eastern European guy. Someone told me he's German but that just can't be right, though after my recent bout with my filthy roommate the Pantsless Wonder, perhaps it's an attraction to cleanliness?

2) The Olympian is out with Ebola. I said nothing as he coughed and then shoved his hand in my jar of raw almonds all day long. They were expensive.

3) I bought my new iPhone Priscilla a cute pink gel dress.

4) I got a corporate blogging/consulting gig.

5) I have three plays in the hopper--one that is being workshopped in the spring, one I'm working on with a friend in Minni for the Fringe '10 circuit, and another that's got no deliverables attached.

6) I'm reading Fever/Dream and totally digging it.

7) Can't wait for Blasted on Saturday. Seriously pissed to miss Philip Roth in Khartoum.

8) In anticipation of my move, I'm fashioning a shiv from a plastic comb. Maybe I'll buy it a cute pink gel dress, too.

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