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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CLICKWORTHY: Facebook's Fiery Death

Just spent the evening rather melodramatically deleting every status update, blog import, photo from my Facebook account. Then I emailed every single of my 545 friends before deleting them as well.


It came to light over the weekend that earlier this month, Facebook changed its Terms of Service. I learned of this Sunday night from Sasha Frere Jones on Twitter, with further elucidation from Mashable.

Now it turns out, there is a formal Federal complaint being filed against Facebook this week.

Yesterday, the NY Times online chimed in.

WebTechLaw gave their opinion on the legalities.

And Amanda French crafted a detailed comparison on the various TOS agreements of the biggest social sites.


The Lighting Designer said...

I never got your "I am deleting you" email.

Feeling self conscious about it. Was it something I said?

Because I need more in my life to be self conscious about. (VBG)

derora noo said...

I am convinced not all the emails went through.


What does "(VBG)" mean?

Dialectric said...

Hey, Callie,

Thanks for the heads up about the change in TOS. Sorry to see you leave FB, but it's a valuable wakeup call for us all....I'll make sure to check you out here more often.

unrequited said...

did they not retract this today. I actually am a bit confused...

stopwatch said...

they did retract them today but only while they work on new ones. remains to be seen how sweeping the license will be in the new version. for the time being, I'm posting nothing and have taken down what was there.

The Lighting Designer said...

(VBG) = Very Big Grin