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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So relieved.

So there's this playwright who's all hot shit, right? I had seen two productions of her plays, and was nonplussed. Literally. Like, pretty sure there was a reason she was such a big deal, and wondered each time if I had just seen productions that didn't do her work justice.

So I saw That Pretty Pretty, or The Rape Play and feel like I finally saw a production led by a director who could match the theatricality of one of her scripts. Seemed like an even pairing.

I found myself appreciating the play in different ways as it progressed:

1: enjoy stereotypes
2: click in to narrative structure
3: wonder where the hell that came from
4: admire pretty pretty monologue
5: find the rage the rage it is there
6: love the way the boys are just the way boys are
7: be sad, laugh at rape, hope

Anyway, I'd much rather enjoy a fellow playwright's work than not know what to say about it.


Sheila said...

Well thanks, DN. Glad I finally nailed your mark.

Good luck with your writing...


derora noo said...

Oh gosh don't mind me--my opinions are for shit and shouldn't matter at all! :)

Thanks for the encouragement! I saw the ND reading of Fever/Dream and really enjoyed it!

Shirley said...

Hey lady, sorry my directing didn't do Sheila justice in your opinion! I'd love to hear your thoughts on where I missed the mark sometime...

Shirley said...

Ahhh, and for what it's worth--it's still so disheartening to have my work dissed here. I love Sheila's writing, and those two productions remain two of the shows I am most proud of, hands down. I guess I'm just glad that not everyone felt the way that you did. But, right, to each his own and all that.

derora noo said...

Uhhh...I was actually talking about productions I saw in NY. I didn't even see both of your shows.