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Monday, March 16, 2009

TWEETABLES: Twitter Haiku

So yesterday, in jest, I set aside my iPhone, Priscilla, to write. I left my fellow tweeple with this imperative:

Next time I tweet will be to say I've finished my play. In my absence, please compose no less than two haiku about fire and haberdashery.

Much to my surprise, several people took me seriously. Below are there poems.


springtime is here now.
oh noes, my clothes are on fire.

@dceiver (he also posted these as @huffpost)

Fire, fire, hats on fire
But no pants aflame today?
Bah, suck it liars.

One word haiku lines?
Look, just use my old standby:


stuck feather in cap
called macaroni to some
red plumage flaming

spark started in snaps
ignited ribbons, zippers
buttons melt at last

And a late addition to the mix, slightly stretching the format:


haberdasher's ha-
berdashery--throwing ab-
undant twigs into
her fire

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