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Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Grateful.

Rats Spotted on the Subway Today: 4 (1 big + 3 little)

I am meeting so many awesome people in NY. People are very open here and so smart and creative and interesting. It's also really pushing me to put myself out there more with my own projects that I want to do. Before (and this will sound strange to those of you who know me), I sort of sat back and let things come to me. Yes, I produced my own plays and got projects going for other people, but I didn't go knock on doors and say Hey, Here I Am And This Is What I Want To Do. It was a hellluvalot easier for me to produce my own stuff than to ask someone else to produce my work.

I've been very naughty about posting here. There is still a plan for me to get the occasional substantive post on here about the things I care more deeply about. Right now I'm scrambling to get all my work done, and it's taken a full six months to get my feet under me with all the moving around I had to do at first, learning the ropes at my new job(s), and navigating my way around a new city. But I'm getting my bearings, and I'm dreaming big. Which of course means there will be disappointments big, but I'm ready.

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