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Thursday, May 28, 2009

THURSDAY SLICE O' PIE: The 8-Minute Mile

I have goodness to share, including more follow-up from the Primary Stages/women playwrights discussion of last week. I also would love to share with you how I benefitted from a perfect storm of exhaustion from travelling to DC, finishing my play in the middle of the night (35 pages in 9 hours!), thinking about the PS issue, hearing my play read in DC (which is about a woman artist), and talking to a compassionate friend over the weekend. All these ingredients delivered a walloping epiphany of the first order Monday night at 2:30am.

Then I got on a bus a few hours later and slammed back into NY.

Since I am swamped with desk-jockey responsibilities today, that post will have to wait.

I do, however, have time for a quickie.


Eight minutes.

It takes me eight minutes to get from the subway to my front door at night. And it's never boring. I don't know if it matters what I was wearing this particular night, but I will tell you it involved 3-inch high red boots and a super cool jacket. In order, I encountered:

  • A bug-eyed man who lurched toward me and grunted hello as he crossed my path as if he were a zombie after my brains.
  • Another man who asked for food.
  • Another man kissed me from afar and mumbled something as he walked behind me.
  • A pantsless man lying on the sidewalk, with people leaning over him.
  • Three teenage boys sitting on a stoop.

It was not until I got inside my apartment (aka my nap-cubby) that I realized I had been parading my Chipotle food bag through my Dominican neighborhood the whole time.

I seriously don't know how to blend.

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