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Monday, June 8, 2009

TWEETABLES: The Casino Edition

Spent the weekend in Atlantic City.

While my friend and his boyfriend played poker to the tune of several hundred dollars (and came out ahead, because they're smart like that), I napped, drank carrot juice, stared at the ocean, got a massage, and learned that straight men travel in packs.

Also? Some people are enormous.

Jumped into Monday with both feet. Killed myself during Pilates today. I have plans to carve out some blogging time for my playwrighty thoughts, as well as write a guest post on another blog about social media. Also, making revisions to MAY 39th/40th, which goes into rehearsal on the 21st. Also have to create the banner ad and postcard art for said play, and give feedback on the press release the producer wrote.

All I wanna do is nap, but I'm jacked up on a venti green tea lemonade, light ice, two pumps of classic.

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