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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hermit Win

Hello Kitty on 53rd, 12/24/10.
So we're at the close of 2010. It's Thursday, December 30, and I've been home from work since Wednesday, December 22.

I took a break from documenting my every thought and action on Twitter. So here, for myself mostly, I've written down a diary of the last nine days. Had I tweeted, below is the mundanity you would have consumed. I'm so sorry and you're welcome.

WED 12.22
  • Hot chocolate
  • Chocolate milkshake with Tarker
  • Final playwriting class of the semester
  • Taped up Christmas cards to the wall by the door

THU 12.23
  • Built a spreadsheet of the habits I want to strengthen like working out, eating veggies, etc.
  • Burger, sweet potato fries, and a milkshake
  • Laundry--tipped the guy an extra $20 since his wife just had their first baby on Tuesday
  • Bought and installed blackout/insulation curtains from Home Depot

FRI 12.24
  • Learned the blackout/insulation curtains can't be opened w/out yanking down the spring rod they're on and decide that's just fine
  • Paid bills
  • Balanced checkbook to penny on first try
  • Figured out new budget to live on 600 fewer dollars a month due to pay cut at work
  • Moved rugs around
  • Saw King Tut exhibit at Times Square, then meandered home, stopping to take a picture of the Rockefeller tree:

Each year I snap a pic from the same corner.

  • Colored in my mandala coloring book
  • Watched "Vanity Fair," realized I had seen it previously, watched it anyway
  • Watched a few episodes of "Weeds" no need to watch more

SAT 12.25
  • Called Mom
  • Called Dad
  • Organized apartment
  • Took down Christmas cards from wall by the door
  • Went to a diner with upstairs neighbor who wants to find a hot rich boyfriend. Eventually stopped stifling and openly yawned after her third mention of the private school she went to.

SUN 12.26
  • Learned I got straight As my first semester of grad school FUCK YEAH I WORKED HARD FOR THAT SHIT
  • SNOW:


  • Bought a new coat at Macy's to replace the hand-me-down w/the torn lining
  • Watched "Passing Strange" fucking amazing
  • Watched "Zandy's Bride" love those '70s flicks
  • Bought a front row balcony ticket to see "John Gabriel Borkman" at BAM

MON 12.27
  • Woke up and thought Wow I have seven whole more days of rest
  • Saw "Pee-wee Herman Show" on Broadway and loved it

TUE 12.28
  • No idea

WED 12.29
  • Woke up and though Shit only five more days
  • New shelves delivered from Container Store
  • Assembled new shelves
  • Watched "Moon" (intense) while eating a big salad (less intense)

THU 12.30
  • Watched "Fat City" freaking awesome
  • Realized I can't see "In the Heights" on Friday because that's NYE
  • Realized I don't have the energy to go out on NYE
  • Ate sushi w/friend I haven't seen in probably two years
  • Started to rewrite play that was due 12.22

The whole point of the time off was to recover from a semester that saw increased responsibilities at work, three visits to my mom's around her knee surgery, an asstastic case of bronchitis, and a ridiculous amount of homework for my first semester of grad school. To wit:

This was the reading for just one class. The BlackBerry is for scale.

It's Day Nine and I still have bloodshot eyes. The plan for the next three days:

FRI 12.31
  • Visit the submarine museum on the Intrepid and make headway on my play

SAT 1.1
  • Playwriting

SUN 1.2
  • Keeping my options open

MON 1.3
  • Mosey on back to work here and learn when we're merging with Comcast:

30 Rock, where I am a loyal cube rat.