i'm a white writer. in new york. original, no? i've been blogging since october 2002. this blog picks up in october 2008, when i moved from DC to NY...(and then I moved to Maine in 2012)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In Maine, all the handymen are named Ed.

I've been away from Blogger so long that I no longer recognize the admin interface.

Twitter is my source for all of the things. I tried Google +, Google Wave, and Google Buzz. I'm in three fantasy football leagues. Facebook and I have come to an understanding after a very public Chris Brown/Rihanna sort of thing. At this point, I crave simplicity like a cat craves tuna and world domination.

But even though I have all these wonderful platforms for sharing, I've been meaning to blog for a while now. Because some things demand a permalink.

Gobs of life happened in the last few years. I couldn't even begin to tell you everything, though I want to. And some of you are already aware of all the bits and pieces of my journey, thanks to me vomiting all over Twitter. After years of choppy and fractured sharing, I'm no longer sure what my overarching narrative is at this point, and I have to think this is a good thing. The last time I blogged in earnest I was writing through major depressive disorder. Everything has shifted. Everything.

In brief: I'm still working at NBC in New York. I went to graduate school and got my MFA in Playwriting. At the same time I was working full-time, so I got a little fat, as you can imagine. I also got a little cat. So now I live with two creatures who tolerate me. And I have health insurance now.

So with all this newfound stability and substance in my life, I did a very grownup thing.

I bought a home.

I still have my job in New York, but the place I could afford to buy was four hours outside of the city. So I took it one hour further and am now in Maine. Telecommuting.

Having a home is still sinking in. I was the kid who went to 12 schools by the time I graduated high school. I never went hungry, but I remember wanting food. We were on welfare in the early years. Long journey, et cetera and so forth. So this is pretty surreal.

I lived here as a child. It's where I discovered the world. My family roots go back to the 1600s here. I have cousins all over the place. If I stop and talk long enough to most anyone, turns out we're somehow related.

I also lived in Portsmouth, NH about 10 years ago--it was in 2002 that I began blogging as Lucky Spinster, because it was either that or start drinking to get through the winter. My first play, "Lulu Fabulous," was based on that blog. So being back here is a very loaded thing for me. In a good way.

The view from my office. It's like I work in a treehouse.

The nicest and most immediate change is that I went from a one-room, 300-square-foot studio in Manhattan to a 900-square-foot townhouse in Maine. With a garage. And an attic. And a deck. And a porch. I think I have two bathrooms. Dude. And it costs less than a 2013 Porsche Boxter. I have like 16 windows or something. And a washer and a dryer that aren't stacked over each other. There's a dishwasher. THERE'S A FULL-SIZE REFRIGERATOR. And oh my gee I have an oven. It has one of those stoves on top. For reals. The other day I made a grilled cheese sandwich for the first time in years and nearly came on the spot.

Cheese. Right now in my fridge I have no fewer than five kinds of cheese.

Wait...where was I? Oh yes. I was telling you that I moved to Maine. I had wanted to write a detailed series of blog posts sharing anecdotes about my new adventures, making it seem all charming and clever and maybe peppered with a little mystery. But I don't really have time for that right now because I'm finishing a couple of new plays on deadlines and I still need to buy a sofa. And so I just wanted you to know already. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.

It was all fairly sudden. Basically I graduated in May, I had bronchitis through July, and I closed on this place at the end of September. I've only been here maybe 8 weeks I guess. I had to buy a car. I got hardwood floors installed. I had to convince my cats that yes, it was perfectly fine for us to be in separate rooms, and no, I will not turn up the heat.

I'm back and forth to New York. Still figuring out the rhythm of it all. I miss NY terribly and hope to be there every week to see theater and friends. That said, I love that I am here with my people--these are the people and places I write about in many of my plays. I have a connection to this place that I can't explain.

And yes, all the handymen are really named Ed. And they all call me Mrs. Kimball. Because in these parts it is something of a rarity for a single woman to be a homeowner.

This may require more blogging.