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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Living room...

Before, during, and after:

 The sofa is Pottery Barn, as are the picture ledges on the wall. The art on the wall is a mix of my father's pen and ink drawing, my grandfather's photographs of Eliot, Maine, and photos of the old family home on Perkins Cove, when it was the only structure on the point.

From another angle:


I got the white shelves from Crate and Barrel. A splurge. I also got the little table that I'm using as a liquor cabinet at the Crate and Barrel outlet in Kittery--I think it's called the "Qube." It's pretty rickety but fit perfectly in between the shelves.

I'm really feeling the limitations of the Blogger photo layouts here. Anyway, here's another angle:

The parlor palm has since died.

I think painting the door to the courtyard gray made a big difference:

(And I've since put a better sheer curtain on the door.)

And one last angle...

The blue vase is from my sister. When she came to visit me for my thesis production last year, I didn't have vases for all the gorgeous flowers I received, so I bought gallon jugs of water and cut the tops off to improvise. She picked my favorite color.

And now, looking up the stairs that I had recarpeted. (To have the birch hardwood custom cut for the stairs was crazy expensive--carpeting them cost 1/6 the price.)

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