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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The bedroom...

I feel like I'm probably being too terse in these posts, but I kind of just want to share and get it all out there!

Coming down the home stretch...

Before and after shots of the bedroom:

Would've been better to shoot the after pic in daylight, because it's just gorgeous with everything being so pale. I keep surprising myself with how much color I add to this room. Hot pink is an accent color on the second floor, and then I bought two matching black lamps at Home Goods and spray painted them a kelly green. The pink pillow covers I got on Etsy, and that's an Avoca "Playground" lambswool throw from Ireland. I got the bed frame and matching nightstands from Pottery Barn Teen--a little bit cheaper than their regular stuff. On the left you can see two octopus prints I've hung in the little space between the baseboard heater and the sloping ceiling.

And the other side of the room, where you can see the floral wallpaper and border Dad and I scraped off. The short chest of drawers was given to me by @happierman and @jilliancs, and they fit perfectly. It's a tough corner because of the closet eating so much floor space, and the slanted ceiling...

...and yes, for you HBO "Girls" fans, that's a bright green "Ming" chair from Crate and Barrel. There was one for $29 in their Kittery outlet, so I grabbed it, not knowing where it would end up. My makeup vanity is an old sewing machine table that I painted pale blue.

The master bedroom has two wonky little closets. I reconfigured the larger one so that I could double-hang tops and skirts, and I added three shelves. I also painted the insides pale blue. There was Pepto Bismol pink carpet in the closet, and I had the leftover carpet from the hall stairs laid down instead. I also added some quarter-round trip on the slanted part of the floor in there so I could line up two rows of shoes on the floor that slants because it's over the stairwell. Of course you can't really see any of this work because there is no light inside the closet--I'm saving up to have one professionally installed.

That's IJ's tail in the last pic.

Next: My treehouse office!

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