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Saturday, March 16, 2013

To continue the tour...

Okay I've left you in the kitchen for nearly three months. Let's get the rest of this house tour cracking. Less narrative, more pics. SHOW, DON'T TELL.

But first, a couple of small touches I've made to the kitchen since January. I found a cool idea for utensil storage here. I bought two long drawer handles, a bunch of S hooks, and slapped these puppies up.

I liked it so much that I put two more up on the side of another cupboard. I also bought this cute bottle opener off of Etsy:

I finally had to cut myself off from Etsy because I was buying so much stuff. I lost hours searching "octopus" "cherries" and "nantucket." The charm of the site wore off when I was trolled by an Etsy merchant who accused me of being on drugs.

When you turn from the kitchen and look down the hall toward the living room, you used to see this:

Now it looks like this:

The birch hardwood makes a big difference, and the grey trim. I feel like the pale colors really open it up and look soft in the light. I also painted the paddles on the ceiling fan to match the creamy yellow walls. I've put up a better curtain on the door by now, but I'm too lazy to take new pics. I also want to get a paler rug, and an ottoman kind of coffee table to switch out the one in the pic that was $40 from Housing Works second-hand store. Maybe I'll do a post of only beauty shots when it's really REALLY finished.

Here's my favorite octopus painting, which hangs on the wall in the hallway:

I got it at Alex and Lorenzo, which is a store on the upper east side right across from where I used to live. They ordered it for me, and when it arrived, it was cracked. Dad managed to fix it so it didn't really matter, but I let the store owner know just so she was aware. Well. She insisted on having the artist make and send another one along, so now I have two and I promised the extra one to the nice Twitter pal who gave me the super kitchen table. Except we live eleventy hours apart, so I haven't actually given it to her yet.

Okay. So the only thing left on the first floor is enormously exciting...the hall bath WITH A WASHER AND DRYER. For four years I lugged my laundry two blocks to the laundromat each week in New York. Six months later and I still smile when I do laundry. It's nothing short of amazing. Sometimes I think everyone should have to live in New York just so that they are grateful for things like laundry and queen size beds and pest-free apartments forever and ever.

First floor bath before and after shots:

I really like the pale green paint for the "laundry room"--Behr Cabbage Green in a flat finish. There used to be wooden bifold doors hiding the washer and dryer, but I like it turned into a cheery little space. Next: The Living Room.


Bridget said...

Your house looks so great! For the record, the closest laundromat to my house is about a mile away. And I don't have a car. When I did, I drove 10ish miles to my dad's for dinner/laundry time. Consequently, I haven't done laundry in a couple weeks...so I'm very jealous.

Callie Kimball said...

If you come visit, you can bring your laundry!

That Person said...

You should think about inviting that person over; I think they'd love to spend time with you!