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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Treehouse Office!

I call this my treehouse office because there are three windows in it--one of them is a double-wide. I'm in an end unit and it's like having a corner office in the sky. The "after" pics don't show this so much because I took them at night.

Some before and afters:

My desk for the first two months was a folding card table, because the carpet had been ripped up, but the birch hardwood flooring was on backorder. So while I was living on subflooring, I kept my furniture in the garage until I could move everything in.

Another view, leading to the hall and stairs...

This is the 30th home I've lived in, and it was nothing short of profound to be able to buy two large, heavy-duty, four-drawer locking file cabinets. I no longer had to keep all my half-finished plays in plastic file tubs:

Yes, that's a Nerf basketball hanging on the file cabinet. I'm really bad at it, but I want to get better.

You can see I still have some filing to do there.

This next shot is hard to share because it looks like such a hot mess, but I think it's kind of cool to look at what the original listing photo showed. I got the idea to hang magnetic boards on the wall between the windows from my friend Johnna. I can use them to plot out ideas for plays. I ordered them from Diamond Life.

And I broke out my old keyboard. I used to play piano in high school, though very badly and with excessive emotion. Basically I'm starting over from scratch...

The coolest thing in the whole house is this idea my dad had to turn a regular old closet with bifold doors into a giant bookcase. I painted the inside of it Behr's Cabbage Green, and hired a handyman to install the shelves after I painted them. I keep my plays, my art supplies, my office supplies, my computer stuff, old photographs, sheet music, and teaching papers in there. It makes me so happy.

Tucked away between the filing cabinet and the wall is a pegboard with my workout bands and stuff hanging on it.

There's a lot more to be done, but the bulk of it is complete. I'll leave you with a few pics of some of my favorite touches...

Thanks for reading!

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